Do It Yourself Haircuts

For some time now the Island King has needed a haircut. I mean REALLY NEEDED a haircut but I couldn't get him to take time and go to the barber shop.

It wouldn't be so bad but he has really strange hair that seems to grow straight up. Not down and long like normal hair but up and out like an afro.

Today he decided that he couldn't take it anymore and got out the clippers that we bought a while back to trim the cat.

The Youngest Island Boy was at his friend's house the other day and he watched his friend get a buzz cut so he told the Island King that he knew how to do it and for some reason the Island King said "Ok, you can do it"

The Youngest is only 7 and I didn't think it would be a good idea to let a little kid cut anyone's hair so I agreed to help.

So here we are on a rainy Saturday night in Destin, cutting hair. Lord help us.

See what I mean? Terrifying.
Despite this whole thing being his idea he felt like a condemned man and needed a blindfold and a cigarette.
The Oldest Island Boy tried to talk him out of it
The Youngest was WAY too excited about cutting Dad's hair
His Dad told him to get to it
Not a good idea
The Island King might be having second thoughts. Notice the big wad of hair in the Youngest's hand
A little more fortification is needed
Hey, it can't get any worse (or so he thinks)
I'll do it myself, he says
Look man, we need to stop now before things get worse
I need you to do around my ears
This is not a good idea!
This is not going well at all
Gasping in horror!
I am now officially having a heart attack
This side isnt't quite as bad
He hasn't looked in the mirror yet.

Surprisingly he's taking this pretty well. We heard noises coming from the shower and I thought "Oh my God, he's crying!" but it turns out he was laughing hysterically.

So you would think this would have been the end of the evening but no.

The Oldest was is desperate need of a haircut as well and the Island King decided to go ahead and get it over with.

Island Girl pleaded with him, telling him that he might think a butcher job on his hair was funny but that the Oldest wasn't going to think it was funny at all. She even refused to take pictures, saying she wanted NO part of it.

The Island King kept saying "it'll be fine. I know what I'm doing and I'll do a much better job than your mother"
Maybe reading the directions will help
The poor child was terrified (not that I blame him!)
The Island King took his time
And it's the best haircut the boy has ever had!
He says that only Dad will be allowed to cut his hair from now on.
Oddly, no one wants me to come near them with scissors or clippers.

So that's how we spent our Saturday night. I sure hope the Island King still thinks this is funny in the morning!