The End of Oysters

On the 4th we were watching the fireworks from a local dock that sits right next to our favorite restaurant. Before the fireworks, Island Girl and I were sitting on the dock watching the boats go by when the Island King and his brother walked up and asked if I wanted a basket of fried oysters from the restaurant. Yum. I love oysters and a basket sounded great. They walked over to the restaurant but returned empty handed a few minutes later saying that the restaurant had just closed. Bummer. A week later we were on the beach in front of another restaurant watching the Lifeguard Competition and the Island King says "I'm going to walk up and get some oysters, do you want some?" Well of course I wanted some. A few minutes later he comes back and tells me that the restaurant is out of oysters. This is terrible. For the 2nd time in 2 weeks I'm thinking of oysters but there are none. So on Thursday we decided to go to the seafood market, buy some oysters and cook them ourselves. We fried up several dozen, made some hushpuppies, onion rings and baked beans and we had a feast. It was SO good! We ate our fill and when we finished there were about a dozen oysters left and the Island King put them in the fridge saying that he was going to have an oyster sandwich for lunch the next day. He didn't eat lunch the next day but later that night he made himself an oyster sandwich and ate it. Well, about 3am I heard him in the bathroom throwing up. And throwing up more. And more. And even more. At 10am he was still throwing up and saying his stomach had never hurt so bad in his life. He threw up all day and ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor for most of the day. He never even made it out of the bedroom that day. By the next morning he seemed a little better but said his stomach still hurt and of course he was all messed up from throwing up so much.
Last night we were talking about it and decided that obviously he got a bad oyster. He looked at me and said "You know we won't be having oysters again for a VERY long time, right?"
My dad says the old wives tale about only eating oysters during a month with the letter R in it is true and the Island King believes he's right. I guess from now on I'm going to have to get oysters from restaurants because the Island King won't be cooking them for me anytime soon LOL