A Feast Fit For A King

Remember the Redfish the guy gave us at the beach? I was too tired to take his picture that night but just imagine him with a head and there he is LOL Remember me saying that you don't want to clean a 26" fish in your kitchen sink? Well the Island King did gut him at the docks but last night as we began preparing our feast he decided to filet it on the kitchen counter. Despite my protests of "Take that outside!" he proceeded to throw it up on the bar and get to work.
He made a big mess but when he was finished he had this to show for it.
We took the filets outside to our cooker and he dredged them in butter, added a bunch of spices and then blackened them.
We also had the Red Snapper that the Island Girl caught on her fishing trip so we cut those filets in chunks and dredged them in a little cornmeal, flour, salt and pepper and then deep fried them
And of course you can't have a seafood feast without hushpuppies so made some of them as well
I also cooked the crabs we caught
When everything was finished we sat down to a feast of epic proportions. It was so good and all of us ate entirely too much but we sure did enjoy it! The Youngest Island Boy was so funny because he would take a bite and then roll his eyes around and say "Oh My, Oh My! LOL Even after everyone ate their fill we still had quite a bit leftover so we'll be feasting again tonight. I'm going to spend some time today picking crab meat and we may have enough to cook up some crab cakes tonight. I love crabs but they sure are a lot of work. If I could invent a crabmeat picking device I would be rich LOL
Hope ya'll enjoy your weekend!