A Life Altering Event Has Occured

You know those days you think about as being life changing days? Like the day you get married or the day a child is born or you move cross country? Well I had one of those days today and I didn't even realize it was coming. To fully understand just how life changing this day has been you need a little background.
My husband is a really nice guy but when it comes to doing any kind of yard work at all the man is a bum. A total and complete bum. He doesn't mow the grass or do any kind of yard work at all. I mow the grass, weed-eat, pull weeds, rake and whatever else needs doing and I've been doing it since we moved into our first house. And apparently he'd never done any yard work as a kid because I had to show him how the lawnmower works when we bought our first one (he denies this but it is a cold, hard fact LOL) Every once in a while he'll pitch in and help (usually after dire threats from me) but 99% of the time I do it or it just doesn't get done. I don't really mind most of the time because I enjoy working in my yard but it really does stink to be the one who's ALWAYS responsible for mowing. But today that changed.

I was getting ready to mow the back yard this afternoon when the Oldest Island Boy walked up and asked when he'd be old enough to mow the grass himself. We were standing next to the mower and I looked at him and then at the mower and I realized that he's 10 years old and that maybe, just maybe, he could do it. I cranked the mower and showed him how it works and off he went. He was so proud! He got to the other side of the yard and his hand slipped off the handle and the mower died. Before I could walk over to him he grabbed the rope, cranked it by himself and continued mowing. It was then that I knew my life had changed forever. No longer will I be mowing when I rather be messing around with my vegetables or weeding a flower bed! Yes!!! After he finished the back he went around front and mowed the front yard too. It's not perfect and he's not big enough to use the weed-eater yet but he's perfectly capable of pushing that mower LOL
So today I've been liberated from grass mowing. Just about the time he's sick of mowing, his brother will be old enough to do it so I am officially retiring as chief mower and I couldn't be happier!