The Philharmonic Goes POP

Last night the Philharmonic Orchestra put on a show on the Green at City Hall.

The newspaper article announcing the event stated there would be food concessions, vendors and after the concert a fireworks display - so we decided to go and check it out.

As soon as we got there I realized this was probably going to be another one of Mom's Misadventures.

From the article in the paper I was expecting a mini festival where we could wander around looking at vendor's booths, eat some food, listen to the music and then watch fireworks.


The orchestra was set up under a tent on the Green but the food concessions the paper talked about turned out to be one guy selling hot dogs and cokes.

And as for vendors there was one guy selling T-shirts.

So we bought hot dogs and cokes and settled in on the grass to listen to the orchestra.

The theme was Pop music and I now know that in philharmonic terms that means show tunes. It's amazing how many show tunes I know.

Island Girl and the Oldest Island Boy were off doing other things so it was just the Island King, the Youngest Island Boy and I and the poor Youngest was bored out of his mind.

We seemed to be the only people under 70 there and everyone was sitting very still and quiet listening to the music. The orchestra is very good but this was the most sedate group of people I've ever been around.

They played the theme from Star Wars (which is the Youngest's favorite) and he recognized it immediately.

When they were finished he jumped up yelling WOOO-HOOO - AWESOME!!! and everyone there turned around and stared at us like we had just landed from outer space.

I guess polite clapping is all that's allowed.

The Island King and I laughed so hard at the looks on some of their faces. Yes indeed Rednecks have invaded the philharmonic concert!

Finally the concert ended and it was time for the fireworks.

As the maestro announced the fireworks he says "And now we'll have a moment of fireworks to conclude our evening"

A moment?

We've been sitting here for an hour to see "a moment" of fireworks?

It turns out that we were sitting directly in front of where they set off the fireworks so we got a front row view but the maestro was right - the fireworks lasted less than 3 minutes.

There were some really pretty ones but it seemed like they were over before they even got started good.

So we had an evening of culture and a blip of fireworks and it was time to head home.

The Island King and the Youngest had to tease me some on the ride home because I always seem to pick events from the newspaper and they are never what we expected.

Oh well it was an interesting evening and we did have fun and that's what counts.