Stolen Peaches

Our neighbor has a peach tree growing right next to the fence between our yards. This neighbor does NOT like us but he doesn't seem to like anyone else either so I don't take it personally. We co-exist nicely and basically ignore each other and that seems to work for both of us.
The other afternoon I was in the back yard and noticed that one of the branches of his tree hangs over into my yard. And on that branch hung a perfectly ripe peach. And I picked it. And I ate it. Standing right there. The tree is full of peaches and while I would never reach over the fence and pick his peaches I didn't feel bad about picking the one hanging in my yard. Until...

Today the Youngest Island Boy came in and asked if he could pick one of Mr. G's peaches and eat it.

"No" I told him "those are Mr. G's peaches and you can't take any of them"

"You did - and you ate it too - I saw you"

Complete silence (except for the snicker coming from the Island King's desk)

I wonder if he'll buy the "do as I say, not as I do" excuse LOL