Trampled By Deer

On the front page of this morning's newspaper

"Woman Trampled By Deer In South Walton"


The woman was at Tops'l State Preserve and the article says "the woman, her husband and daughter had gone for a walk. The mother got too warm and turned to return to her rental unit. She was some distance away from her family when three deer ran out of the woods and trampled her. Emergency crews arrived minutes later and called for AirHeart helicopter to take the woman to Sacred Heart Hospital. The woman has broken ribs, back injuries and a light concussion and is in intensive care..."

Apparently the whole incident was witnessed by a man who works at Tops'l.

This is the strangest thing I've ever heard! Trampled by deer? Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to be trampled by a bunch of deer. Maybe some of you who live in parts North are laughing but around here the deer are pretty skittish and tend to run away from people - not into them. I know a rutting buck can be dangerous but I thought you had to mess with them or make them feel threatened before they would run over your ass. And from what the article says I don't think these were bucks. We've wandered all through Tops'l and Point Washington State Forest (which backs up to Tops'l) and we've seen the backside of a few deer as they ran away from us but we've never had 3 of them come running at us. When we're in the woods I spend a little time hoping we don't run into a bear (there are LOTS of them in the woods north of the Bay) or that the kids don't step on a rattler but I've never worried about deer. In fact, I'm always telling the kids to be more quiet in hopes of spotting a deer.
The Island King thinks something must have scared the deer and they came running out of the woods and just ran into and over this poor woman.

It's true what they say - fact is stranger than fiction.