Where Is The Stuff?

Sarah brought up an interesting point in her comment about yesterday's post. She wants to know where all of the "stuff" is in the house I showed you. The Island King has shot over 500 houses and none of them have stuff in them. Some of these houses are vacation homes but a lot of them are full time residences and I've always wondered the same thing - Where is their stuff? I realize that when you know a professional photographer is coming you put things away and you hide things but really, who doesn't have "stuff"? There are no books or magazines except ones that look pretty on the table or shelf, there are no craft or hobby type things around, no nic-nacs the kids made at school, nothing. Who has a living room that only has "decorator" stuff on the tables? And I always wonder where these people kick back, relax, read, watch tv and live their lives.
He did shoot one house a while back for some people who have traveled the world. They had some of the most interesting things I've ever seen. Not decorator stuff but real things that were obviously chosen with love and brought home - not because they were decorator items but because they were reminders of their adventures. That house actually looked like a real home.

Sarah also wanted to know if my house has "stuff". Stuff doesn't even describe it! I have SO much stuff. My tables are filled with seashells the kids picked up, magazines, books, nic-nacs and all kinds of other stuff. Even if the Queen were coming and I cleaned up - a LOT - my house would still look like people live here. We have hobbies and interests and lots of stuff LOL
Most of the houses he shoots are gorgeous but to be honest very few of them look like a comfortable place to live. My house isn't a big fancy house by any means but it's a place where you can come in, prop your feet on the coffee table and relax - and there's all kinds of stuff to look at LOL