Who's Bo Jackson?

I was standing in a ridiculously long line at the grocery store last night when the man in line in front of me struck up a conversation. He commented on the long lines and that led to us chatting about how bad traffic is which somehow led to a short conversation about boat traffic, Crab Island and then fishing.

He was a very pleasant man and while we were chatting there were 2 teenage boys in line behind me. They were grinning and pointing a little and seemed really excited about something and I assumed they were talking about the cute little checkout girl at the register.

The line slowly moved forward and as the man in front of me finished and started to walk away he turned around, smiled at me and said that it had been nice talking to me and that he hoped I had a nice evening.

As the man walked out the door, the 2 boys behind me absolutely freaked out. "Man he's so cool!" "He seems just like a real person!" they gushed.

Then one of them grabbed my arm and said "I can't believe you got to talk to him for that long - that's SO cool!"

I'm totally bewildered so I said "Well, who was he?"

Both boys looked at me like I'd lost my mind and the man in line behind them said "Lady, that was Bo Jackson you were just talking to" This was an older man and he seemed almost as excited as the boys were.

So here's the part where I tell you that I am so sports illiterate that it's almost embarrassing. I understand baseball and know the kids on the local Little League team but that's the extent of my sports knowledge.

I'm standing there wracking my brain for Bo Jackson and all I can come up with is Bo Diddley.

So I'm standing there in the checkout line and now several people are looking at me as if they expect some sort of reaction to the name Bo Jackson. Not wanting to look stupid I said "Oh, I didn't realize that's who that was"

On the way home from the store I was thinking over and over again "Who is Bo Jackson?" and when I got home I walked in and told the Island King that I'd just talked to Bo Jackson in the checkout line at the Winn Dixie.

The Island King is just as bad as I am and he said "Who's Bo Jackson?"

"I don't know!" I told him "but everyone in the store was excited about it".

We Googled Bo Jackson and let me just say "Holy Cow!" this man is a legend in baseball AND football

I spent 5 minutes in the checkout line chatting with a sports legend and I didn't even know it.

This morning there's a picture of Bo Jackson on the front page of the newspaper. He's here on vacation and went deep sea fishing on a local charter boat and it was a big deal down on the docks.

It was a big deal when he was at the grocery store last night too but the woman he was talking to didn't know it.