Destin Gustav Update

I hate to speak too soon because hurricanes are fickle things but it looks like we're going to come out of this one with just some wind and waves.
I'm praying for those poor folks in Louisiana and Mississippi - this is going to be a long 24 hours for them. And after that, well, who knows what they'll find when they go home.

It's a little windy here - 15mph gusting to 25mph - but we get that a lot. It may be a little gusty than that tomorrow and the surf will probably be bigger but I don't know if we're going to get much rain.

We rode out to the beach this afternoon.

There were a lot of people there but not "beach goers" These people were standing and watching and of course there was no swimming. Judging from the Louisiana car tags in the parking lot I'd say they're evacuees, staying here, who've come out to watch the waves.

The local beach services leave their chairs and umbrellas in big locked boxes every night but we saw 3 services out there moving their equipment off the beach.

Those chairs and umbrellas are shockingly expensive so they're taking them to a warehouse to store until they're sure it's safe to put them back out.

We haven't really done a lot to get ready for this one. Our hurricane supply box is well stocked and before Fay we checked the wood we use to board up our windows so all we did today was get gas for the generator and fill up our cars. We have our plan in place and of course we'll be watching carefully until Gustav makes landfall but I don't think we'll need to run

...this time.

I was looking at the National Hurricane Center site a few minutes ago and saw this

I'm trying to remember but I don't think I've ever seen hurricanes on both sides of Florida at the same time. Have ya'll?

I'll be glad to see this season come to an end!