Fay Who?

I have to say this was the strangest tropical event I have ever seen in my life!

Friday afternoon the sky got cloudy and the wind started picking up as the outside bans of Fay began moving towards us. By about 7 Friday night the wind was blowing at about 18mph with the occassional gust up to 24mph. Radar showed Fay lumbering our way and we were expecting rain by Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday at 6:30 and the wind was still blowing at about 18 but no rain yet. Around 7 we got a light rain shower, well, more of a mist than a shower. It misted on and off until about 10 and then the mist stopped and the wind died down. Completely died. No wind at all.

From the looks of the radar we were in the eye. A very large eye.
We were still expecting the backside of Fay but we could tell it was going to be hours before that arrived. It was just a gray, overcast day. No wind. No rain.

Our local meteorologist were calling for the wind the pick back up around midnight and then for rain all night, some gusty wind and then rain on Sunday.
Never happened.

It's Sunday morning and the sun is shining and we have no wind.

Fay is gone. We got less than an inch of rain. It seems that as the eye sat over us, the backside of Fay swung wide and north and missed us completely. Our morning newspaper says that a dry air bubble was sucked in from the Gulf and sat right over our area, which pushed Fay's rain and wind bands to the north of us.

I know that there are a lot of people out there today battling flooded homes and my heart goes out to them but we didn't even get one stinking inch of rain!
It rained to the East, West and North of us but it didn't rain here at all.

I swear it's the damndest thing I've ever seen. A tropical storm came. The eye crossed right over us and yet we never saw wind or rain. I'm telling you this is very strange LOL

We'd planned on taking some pictures of Fay on Saturday but there was nothing to take pics of. The Gulf was flat. The Bay had a slight chop but nothing like you'd expect from a tropical storm. There weren't even any trees bending and blowing in the wind - because we had no wind.

I must say that I'm feeling pretty disappointed. I don't like big storms but I was looking forward to this one. No monster Cat 4 or 5 roaring at us, just a tropical storm that would keep us tucked snug inside, listening to the wind and rain but not worrying about storm surge or loosing a roof.

Today it's beautiful outside. And I'm probably the only person in Florida who needs to go turn the sprinklers on and water my plants. Very odd indeed.