Getting Ready For School

Yesterday morning was orientation for the Youngest Island Boy. I've been talking about school starting soon but I don't think he believed me until we walked into his classroom. He's not happy about summer vacation being over. His teacher seems really nice and his cousin and several of his friends will be in his class and I'm sure that he's going to have fun this year. His teacher has all kinds of sealife preserved in jars and as soon as he saw that he said "I think I'm gonna like her." Put something gross in a jar and you'll win a little boy's heart every time LOL

After orientation we went out to lunch with my mom and then school supply shopping.
I swear you could set up an office for 5 people with the supplies they want the kids to have. Somehow I find it hard to believe that a 1st grader is going to use 4 HUGE boxes of crayons, as well as 4 sharpies and 600 pencils. I'm expecting a LOT of artwork to hang on my walls after providing all of those crayons LOL

We finished our shopping and my mother took the boys home with her so the Island King and I could take the Island Girl to her orientation. The high school is huge and the purpose of this orientation was for the kids to pick up their schedules, find their classes and meet their teachers. That didn't go so well. She has 7 classes and they are spread out across the entire campus and now she's convinced she'll never find her way around. I suggested she take my GPS, load each classroom as a waypoint and then use that to find her way around. She didn't think that was funny. I wasn't kidding. I have no idea how the poor kid is ever going to find her way around - she's even more directionally challenged than her mother.

While we were walking around we saw two boys carrying a cardboard cut-out of President Bush. The next thing I know, the Island King is telling these boys that he wants his picture taken with the President and for them to move over LOL

Island Girl got embarrassed and he told her that it isn't often that you get to have your picture taken with the President and that you should never pass up the opportunity when it rolls around LOL
She rolled her eyes and then whispered to me "we can't take him anywhere" Poor girl, she has no idea how bad it'll be when she starts dating LOL