Thursday, August 28, 2008


I hate hurricane season. I HATE IT!
According to my friend, FC, hurricanes are a natural part of living in Florida and those of us in their path have no right to whine - and that all hurricane whiners should move to Idaho.
Well guess what? I'm whining and I'm NOT moving to Idaho LOL

But what am I going to do if this track changes?

I'm going to batten down the hatches as best as I can and then I'm loading my family into the car and we're getting the hell out of Dodge.
A girlfriend of mine who lives in Tuscaloosa called yesterday and has offered us shelter if we want it. You bet your a$$ we want it! I have no desire to huddle in my closest and hope that my roof stays in tact and that waves don't come rushing through the living room. Those are not things I want to wonder about while trying to keep my children safe and sound.

The Island King says he might want to stay. He thinks it will be exciting.
I'm sure jumping in front of a bus has an air of excitement to it too - until the bus runs you over.

I hate to wish a hurricane on anyone but I sure hope Gustav continues on the projected path and stays away from us.

I'm a 5th generation native of Northwest Florida and I just don't think I could survive in Idaho - so say a prayer and wish us luck!
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