Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If You're Gonna Live In Florida...

Ya need to know how to work a chainsaw.

The day before Fay was supposed to get to us the Island King decided he needed to cut a limb that's been rubbing up against the power line coming from the road to the house.
What is it about chainsaws that men love so much? The Island King gets downright excited whenever he has a reason to use the chainsaw.

The man is crazy for his chainsaw and if we were in a burning building I'm not sure who he would save first - me or the saw. I have to follow him around whenever he decides to use it because he loses his mind and starts cutting everything in sight. One of our biggest fights in 20 years came from him going after my Crepe Myrtle with that saw. It wasn't pretty and he's lucky he survived the incident LOL And from that day forward, if he gets the saw out I stay right next to him the whole time making sure he doesn't get after anything I don't want cut.
As soon as he cranked the saw the Youngest Island Boy came running. He wanted to help and of course I thought he was too young to be anywhere near his crazy father and the chainsaw. "Honey" the Island Kings says "If he's going to live in Florida he's going to need to know how to use a chainsaw"
I see his point and if you've ever been in Florida the day after a hurricane you know that the only sound you hear are chainsaws running.

Do you see the maniacal look on the boy's face? He's going to be as crazy as his father. He was so busy grinning at the camera that he could barely cut the log. As soon as I took this picture he told me he wanted it blown up so he could hang it on the wall next to his bed. It will be many years before he's old enough to run the saw by himself but when he does I'm sure I'll have to follow him around too LOL
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