Round Robin Photo Challenge: Night Shots

It's time again for the Round Robin Photo Challenge! This week's challenge comes from Steven at SometimesPhotoBlog and he's suggested 'Night Shots'.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to photograph for this challenge so the Island King and I left Island Girl in charge of her brothers and we took a nightime walkabout around town. Well, actually we drove - but you know what I mean :)

This is Saint Andrews Episcopal Church. St. Andrews is the oldest congregation in Destin but this building was built in 1970.

We drove down to Harbor Walk, which is a new shopping/pedestrian mall along the harbor. A light from the condo behind us cast a perfect spotlight and I liked the way the Island King's shadow looked.

I like this photo of the palm trees. They look so different at night, lit by landscape lighting.

This fountain is at the entrance to a new condominium project in town. They haven't built the condominium yet but the entrance looks nice.

No night shoot would be complete without burgers on the grill when you get home.

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