Round Robin Photo Challenge:Public Art

It's time again for the Round Robin Photo Challenge. The challenge for this round came from Carly and her suggestion is to find and photograph Public Art. My mind went a little out of the box on this one and I immediately thought of several things that I consider Public Art.

This statue is out in front of Alvin’s Island on Okaloosa Island.

Every time I pass this statue I smile. She’s a cute, chubby girl in a two-piece and I love her lipstick. When we went to take her photo I told the Island King how much I like her and why.

He looked at me funny and said “Honey, that’s a warrior wearing a breast plate, he’s not smiling he’s snarling and that’s not lipstick, it’s warpaint”. What??? Do warrior’s wear 2 piece bathing suits? I don’t think so.
We debated for a minute and after getting a close look at her he said that maybe she is a cute, chubby girl in a two-piece.

He gave her a big hug

And he stuck his finger in her belly button

So, tell me, is it a warrior or a girl?

The Maytag Man has been on top of this building for years. The Island King knows the artist that made him and he told me that the entire thing was carved from Styrofoam and then painted.
Every couple of years the sign company that the artist works for brings their big sign truck, takes the Maytag Man down and to their shop to repaint and repair him.

This dinosaur is sitting in a canal along Hwy 98 in Fort Walton. I don’t know how he got here or why but he’s nothing like the rest of the wildlife in our area - which is what makes him so cool.

There are a lot of murals on walls around here and this one is my favorite because I love this turtle.

Is this considered art?

This guy is hanging off the corner of Bass Pro Shop.

We do have some more mainstream art as well.

These statues are in a new park along Santa Rosa Sound.

And last but not least.
My favorite Public Art of all.

This is the tallest flagpole in Florida. The flag is 50 feet by 80 feet and it is huge. You can see it from almost anywhere in Fort Walton.

So that's the Public Art I see when I look around where I live.
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