Sushi Love

I have fallen in love. Head over heels, can't even think straight kind of in love.
With this...

Until May of this year I've never cared for sushi. Just didn't like it at all. And then on our anniversary the Island King and I had dinner at Osaka's and my life hasn't been the same since. He's always loved sushi and at dinner that night he ordered a tuna roll. He seemed to be enjoying it so much that I had to have a bite and about 2 seconds after that tuna hit my mouth I was a believer. I ate more and more and we ended up ordering a second one because I just couldn't get enough.
From that night on I've dreamed of sushi. It was like craving crack - I couldn't think of anything else.
We've been to several sushi bars since then and while it's always good, it's not something most places around here sell to go. I've tried making my own but haven't had much luck in that department. Our local grocery stores don't have a very good selection of Asian products so I've been limited to what I can make at home.
About two weeks ago I was telling my aunt about my newfound love of sushi and she tells me that Publix makes fresh sushi daily and that she's tried it and it's pretty good. I normally don't shop at Publix but the next time I was out I stopped and got some.
And it is SO good! I've gotten quite a bit lately and it's always been fresh and tasty. The kids are hooked as well and we've been fighting over the last pieces LOL
I'm going next week to an Asian market in Fort Walton and am hoping to come home with all kinds of goodies for making my own.
I don't know what it is about that stuff but I'm an absolute addict now LOL