An Afternoon On The Okaloosa Island Pier

The day before Hurricane Ike's big waves got here, the Island King and I drove over to Okaloosa Island for a late afternoon stroll. The big waves that were to come weren't here yet but we had enough of a swell for the surfers to be out in full force.

The waves were beautiful

This kayaker paddled out past the break

And then lay back and paddled around on his back

I don't kayak in the surf (I have enough trouble not tipping over in the Bay) so I don't know if there is a reason to lay on your back and paddle or if this guy was exercising or what.

The local lifeguards were driving on the beach, keeping an eye out for anyone in trouble

These guys flew over

This gull got real defensive whenever any other birds got too close to his piling

I'm not normally a big fan of sharks but I really like these two

The sun setting over the water was spectacular

As we were pulling out of the parking lot on our way home we noticed this plane.

The Island King wants to bring the kids and then have the whole family sprawl out on the ground around the plane to have our picture taken. I don't know why - he's just weird like that LOL