An Award And A Fishing Trip

Sayre over at Sayre Smiles has sent me this wonderful blogging award!

I really enjoy Sayre's blog and am honored that she enjoys mine. She's a fellow Floridian and always has something interesting going on in her life. Stop by and check out her blog - I know you'll love it.

We've been hearing that the local fishermen are catching redfish as fast as they can put their bait in the water and since redfish are so tasty we decided to take the boys fishing Saturday night and see if we could catch one too.
We went down to our favorite dock and then spent a little while catching bait.

Once we had some bait

It was time to put the big hooks in the water in hopes of catching a redfish.

We fished for a while but didn't even get a nibble. A couple of guys came in by boat and said they'd caught a 4 foot red just off of Crab Island and several hardtails but we never did have any luck.
We did catch a few crabs in our trap but they were all females with eggs so we let them go.

One of the things the boys like best about fishing from this particular dock are the dock cats. There are about 10 wild cats that live around this marina. They don't like to be petted and will usually run if you get too close but they like to sit back and wait for you to throw them a fish. We watched as one cat crept slowly down the dock and then sat, hoping for a handout. We tossed a pinfish on the dock and then waited for him to come and get it.

He crept up slowly, grabbed the fish and ran off

My boys seem to enjoy catching bait for the cats even more than catching bait to catch bigger fish LOL

And I learned that when a younger brother dares his older brother to kiss a fish - the older brother will really do it.

Unless his mother yells "Stop! No kissing the fish - That's gross!" in which case the boys, and their dad, roll their eyes and proclaim me to be "Such a girl!" LOL