Boy Scouts

Now that school has started back the local Boy Scout chapter had a member drive and our boys have decided to join. We went to our first event Saturday, which was a fishing rodeo at Indigo Pond on Eglin Reservation. The boys were excited to put on their new uniforms and go catch some fish.

The Youngest is a Tiger Cub

And the Oldest is a Webelo

The pond where the event was held is way up in the woods on Eglin Reservation but has been cleared some around the pond and there's a nice dock there.

We brought crickets and wigglers for bait and each time the Oldest baited his hook he would spend a long time picking out the perfect cricket.

The Youngest didn't like hooking the crickets so he stuck with the wigglers, which he hooked with no problem.

There were a lot of families there and people were spread on the dock and all along the bank

The boys fished for a long time but never got a nibble. No one else did either. Out of all the kids there only one boy caught fish and he caught 20 of them. It was a catch and release so he may have caught the same fish 20 times but he's the only one who had any luck at all. After watching him for a while people started asking what he was using for bait. The boy was using Spam! For all of the crickets and worms in that pond the fish wanted Spam LOL

After learning that Spam was the bait that worked we dug into our lunch and broke apart the Island King's Italian sandwich.

The Youngest immediately put a piece of peperoni on his hook and cast it out to the middle of the pond.

This is what he caught

They never did catch any fish but they had a lot of fun and they got a patch for their uniforms and those patches are really important to new scouts LOL