Destin Gustav Monday Update

Destin is really looking good. We're seeing some of Gustav's bands but we're right on the outside edge so they're sporadic and not very strong.

When I woke up this morning, the newspaper stated that the East bound lane of Hwy 98 on Okaloosa Island had been breached. The Island King and the boys were still asleep so Island Girl and I decided to ride over and take some pictures.
The breach is just East of the Gulf Island National Seashore park.

None of the dunes have been eroded or washed over. This breach came through a flat spot between the dunes.

The south lane has been closed and even though there is water on the north lane the road is passable.

Choctawhatchee Bay has risen a little and there are quite a few whitecaps out there.

We drove through a squall before we got back to the bridge

The clouds on the backside of the squall as it headed across the Bay were a little scary looking

We stopped by the public dock on the street behind ours. The water was high but the dock was still above water.

We've come out of this one unscathed - thank God. Let's pray the people of LA and MS do alright as well.