Destin's Pink Flamingo

This is really strange but it's true.
There is a pink flamingo living on the beach here in Destin. Yes, you read that right - a pink flamingo. Last week there was an article in the newspaper that said a pink flamingo was spotted on Holiday Isle and the local wildlife people believe he came in with the wind from Hurricane Gustav. At first they thought he was an escapee from the Zoo in Gulf Breeze but a flamingo head count at the Zoo showed that all of their flamingos were accounted for.

Yesterday while we were out wave watching we saw him. It's really bizarre to watch a pink flamingo hanging around the jetties here!

When I first read the article about him I thought about going out to look for him to take his picture but really, looking for a pink flamingo in Destin sounded like a snipe hunt to me LOL

But as we were standing on the beach yesterday there he was.

I was searching the internet last night for flamingo information and found this video. It was taken at the same time we were taking our photos and I think we saw the guy with his video camera taking the video. He got some good footage so check it out.

We see all kinds of odd things here at the beach - but this is a first!