A Geocache and Some Spiders

After the Boy Scout fishing trip on Saturday we decided to look for a geocache that is hidden at the other end of Indigo Pond. I've had this cache on my list to find for a long time but it's the only cache in that area and I haven't been able to get up there and look for it.

After the boys finished fishing we piled into the truck and off we went. The cache was only about a tenth of a mile from where we'd been fishing and we went right to it.

The view from the cache

This is one of the best stocked caches we've found. It was chock full of goodies.

After we found the cache we decided to ride through the woods some and see what we could see. As we were getting back into the truck I noticed this spider in a web stretched between the trees above the truck.

We'll call him "Foreshadow"...

We started off down a relatively well defined trail

And drove slowly along, admiring the thick underbrush and then the oak hammocks as the elevation changed.
We saw a lot of these

and after seeing several of these we stopped to get a closer look. See those worms in the web? I think they're silk worms but am not sure.

A few minutes after getting back into the truck the Youngest Island Boy let out a horrible scream and started yelling "Dad! Dad!" We looked around and there on the door frame of the truck was a really BIG spider. The windows were down and the spider seemed to be making his way around the door frame and onto the dash of the truck. Seeing the spider so close to his face the Island King stopped operating the vehicle and started trying to swat the spider out of the window. Luckily we were only going about 5mph because when he stopped focusing on driving the truck went off the road and into the brush. He swatted the spider out of the window but the spider just swung right back into the truck, this time coming right at him. The Island King swatted at him again and again the spider swung out the window and then back in again. Each time he swatted him out the spider would come swinging back inside.
The Youngest Island Boy is deathly afraid of spiders and the poor kid was in the backseat having an absolute heart attack LOL Every time the spider would swing back in the window the poor kid would yell even louder.
By now I've bailed out of the truck and am trying to get a picture of the spider swinging back and forth

This shot was after the last time he swatted to spider out of the window and the Island King is saying "I think he's gone, I think he's gone" LOL
I walked around to the other side of the truck and got a picture of the spider as it was crawling away.

He doesn't look that big on the ground but he looked HUGE swinging in front of the Island King's face LOL

Once the spider was gone and we got the Youngest calmed down we were on our way again. The Island King kept brushing at his shoulder and head saying that it felt like something was on him LOL

A few minutes later we drove through the biggest spider web I've ever seen. It was stretched all the way across the trail and was really thick. As soon as we drove through it the Island King says "Roll up the windows - I just know the spider from that web in on the truck" LOL
About 2 minutes later a big spider appeared on the hood of the truck. He was crawling fast towards the windshield and of course the Youngest freaked out again. And so did his dad. He stopped the truck, jumped out and knocked the spider off of the truck.

This was a different kind of spider and he was even bigger than the one that was swinging into the truck earlier.

The Youngest had had enough and was saying over and over again "Take me home - I want to go home!" The Island King was done with the spiders too and told the Youngest "It's ok son, we're leaving RIGHT now" LOL LOL

We've been trying to get the Youngest over his fear of spiders but I'm afraid the sight of one swinging in and out of the truck window may have set us back some. The poor kid will have nightmares for a week.