High School Football

The Island King and I are not sports fans. We do really enjoy the Offshore Boat Races but considering that you watch those from a beach chair, feet in the sand, rum drink in hand, what's not to like.
Golf on tv isn't too bad because golf is such a zen sort of game for the spectator. The announcer whispers, the courses are lush and beautiful and it's not a bad background for reading or cross stitching.

But, other sports? Not so much. Our kids have played in the local Little League and we do enjoy watching them and their friends play, but we aren't those fans that you see jumping up and down, yelling, and screaming.

The Island Girl started high school this year and she immediately decided that she wanted to go to the football games. She's too young to be dropped off and she still wants us around so that means we'll all be going to the games.

I'm certainly not complaining, I'm extremely thankful that I have a teenager who wants us to come with her.

Last Friday was the first game of the season but she'd made other plans so we didn't go to that game but planned on going to the game this Friday.
The boys were excited about going to their first football game and the Island King and I were looking forward to just checking everything out.

The home side of the field was packed

but the visiting team were from a distance away and their side had lots of open spaces
and that's where we went. I don't like crowds and sitting over on the empty side seemed a lot more appealing than cramming in with the other folks on the home side.
Turns out that half of the people over there must have felt the same because there were only a handful of visitors and the rest were from our school.

Halftime was fun to watch. Her school has a really good band that marched in the Rose Parade last year and they put on a good show.

We won the game 42-7 which the school really needed after last week's tragedy.

I was surprised to find that the Oldest Island Boy is going to be a big football fan. He loved every minute of it and really followed every play. He asked a lot of questions, most of which I will have to refer to my dad or my sister, who are big football fans. I can't even find the ball through most of the plays. I never know who has it or where they are on the field LOL

We had a good time but I have to say that watching football is a lot like watching paint dry. Boring, boring, boring. I'm going to bring a book to read next week - and a comfortable chair LOL