Hurricane Ike Waves

What a day this has been! We've been wave watching all over town and let me tell you these waves are incredible.
We took a LOT of pictures so I'm going to upload a photo gallery but here are a few specific shots.

This is the Island King standing in the middle of Highway 98 on the Okaloosa Island side of the bridge. This is a very rare shot because this road is ALWAYS busy. Always. But today the Gulf breached all 4 lanes and they closed the Island. It was really a strange feeling to be the only people on the Island and to be able to stand in the middle of the road like that.

After we left Okaloosa Island we drove down to Holiday Isle in Destin. There is a gated community at the end of the Isle with huge homes on the Gulf. They're practically in the Gulf today.
The Island King doesn't like to evacuate when we have a hurricane coming here but he took one look at these houses today and said "Now that's a house you need to evactuate" LOL

Jetty East is a condo not far from the Pass and today their beach is completely gone. Not only is the beach gone but the waves are crashing against the building up to the second floor.

We didn't get any rain and the wind isn't too bad but we are taking a beating from the waves.