Thursday, September 11, 2008

Okaloosa Island Closed

Hurricane Ike may not be coming to Destin but we've got some incredible waves and as of 8:30 this morning the Gulf has breached all 4 lanes of Okaloosa Island. They've closed the Island and are re-routing traffic. If you want to come in or out of Destin right now you have to take the Mid-Bay Bridge through Niceville. We drove up to the bridge but they aren't letting any cars over the bridge at all so we parked and took off on foot. We walked over the bridge and down to the Eglin NCO Beach Club.
The parking lot is flooded and the waves are crashing right up against the pavillion.
These waves are HUGE! We walked on the beach for a while and had to walk right at the edge of the dune line because the water is so high and even at the edge of the dunes the water was lapping at our feet.
Since the Island is closed we can't get to the other side but the newspaper says the Okaloosa Island Pier is closed and the water is up under the boardwalk at Angler's Restaurant.
We're going over to Holiday Isle here in Destin to look at some of the beach erosion happening there and I'll post more pictures this afternoon when we return.

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