Pound Cake

I love pound cake. I mean really, really love it. Unfortunately I'm not capable of baking a good one. I've tried many times and every one has been too heavy and dense and didn't really have a good flavor either.
My aunt makes the best pound cake I've ever eaten and she usually bakes one for me for Christmas but one a year is just not enough.

Our local grocery store bakery offers a pound cake that's not a lot better than the ones I make and they charge $8 for them. So we don't have pound cake very often.

Until now. I saw this the other day and decided to give it a try.

Oh My Stars!! This is really good!
The cake is not too heavy or dense and has a really good pound cake flavor.

You could eat it plain but add some vanilla ice cream and some strawberries and we are talking REALLY good.

It's not as good as my aunt's but it's close and for $1.89 you can't beat it.

And now that I've seen that picture I need to go have another piece LOL