Round Robin Photo Challenge: Green

It Isn't Easy Being Green

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge! The theme for this week's challenge comes from Julie at Julie's Web Journal and she has chosen "Green".

I thought about "green" and when I was in Pensacola the other day I stopped to take a look at one of Pensacola's "green" landmarks.

This bus belongs to one of Pensacola's best restaurants, McGuire's Irish Pub.

The bus is filled with people and the driver is Elvis himself, wearin a green lei.

This leprecan is dressed all in green.

So is this one.

I also took a picture of the water under the Destin Bridge. It's an amazing emerald green.

This sand pine is a pretty shade of green.

So is this

Well, that's what I saw when I went searching for "green". Now head on over to the Round Robing site and see what else is coming up green!