Thursday, September 25, 2008

St. Michael's Cemetery And A Fat Pug

Last week my dad and I were out hunting some geocaches in Pensacola. One of the caches we were looking for is located along the fence line at St. Michael's Cemetery. St. Michael's is Pensacola's oldest official cemetery and is filled with beautiful old graves. My great, great, grandparents are buried there along with most of Pensacola's founding families.

This is the biggest monument here. It belongs to the family whose lumber mills helped create the town of Century, which is north of Pensacola.

My family's plot.

The Oldest Island Boy got a little creeped out by the mausoleums but I think they're interesting.

This one is my favorite.

While we were there we saw an older couple getting out of their car. I heard my dad say "Oh Lord, take a look at that" so I looked over and these people were loading the fattest dog I've ever seen into a baby stroller. As they came into the cemetery I asked if they'd mind if I took a picture of their dog. And they didn't.

This picture doesn't really show just how huge this dog was but trust me he was HUGE.
While I was taking his picture I could hear him breathing. Every breath sounded like a grown man's snore. I don't know if the dog had something else wrong with him or if he made that much noise because of his weight.
His owner told me that the dog rides in the stroller because "he just can't walk as far as we can" Ya think?

Speaking of fat dogs...
The Island King's grandmother had a Boston Terrier when he was little. According to him she didn't believe dogs liked dog food so she fed him whatever the family was having. If they had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits - that's what the dog had too. He ate off a plate on the floor next to where she sat at the table. And every morning of the dog's life she made him scrambled eggs and bacon with toast and jelly. The Island King says this dog was so fat his stomach drug the floor when he walked. And then one afternoon during a thunderstorm, there was a loud clap of thunder and the dog fell over dead from a massive heart attack.
The Island King's grandfather wasn't a man of many words but every time anyone talked about that dog he would say "I knew dogs shouldn't have eggs and bacon every morning." Strange but true.
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