The DMV People are Crazy

Did you know that there isn’t an age limit for renewing your driver’s license?

I have an uncle who turned 99 this past week. He’s still sharp as a tack but he’s still driving.
Driving all over the place. Anywhere he wants to go, he gets in his big ole car and off he goes.

Well his driver’s license expired on his birthday so down to the DMV he went to renew it. And you know what? They gave him an eye test, which he passed, and then they renewed his driver’s license!

They gave a 99 year old man a new driver’s license (which doesn’t expire until he’s
almost 110) and then sent him on his way!

I’m all for rights for the elderly but I just have to say that I think renewing a 99 year old man’s driver’s license is INSANE! I’ve seen him drive and he does ok but for Pete’s sake the man is 99 years old.

What are the people at the DMV thinking?