I can't believe it's been a week since I've written anything here. This week has been busy and on top of busy it's been boring. Just plain boring. Nothing interesting to talk about, no interesting pictures to show, just mundane day to day stuff.

And then, just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, the weekend showed up and boring changed right back to interesting.

Last night was the Island Girl's homecoming game at school. I sent the boys to spend the weekend with my parents and we took Island Girl and 3 of her friends to the game - where they ditched us immediately LOL

The game started at 7 but we got there at 5:30 to watch the homecoming parade.

Being homecoming, as well as reunion weekend for 4 different alumni classes, the place was packed. We sat on the visitor's side, which wasn't quite as crowded but was still packed. And because we were on the visitor's side, our pictures are all of the backside of the everything LOL

This is the opposing team but I loved the sun setting in front of them while they said the Pledge.

The game started with a bang. On the kickoff one of the boys on our team caught the ball and then ran 95 yards for a touchdown! He was right in front of us when he caught it and watching that boy dodge in, out and around the other team all the way to the other side of the field was very impressive.
Our team did really well and by halftime the score was 35 to 7.

Then the halftime show started and let me tell you that was the longest halftime I've ever seen! It went on and on and on. They introduced each member of the homecoming court and I swear they read an entire life history on each one before introducing the next one.

By the time halftime was over my back was killing me and I was SO ready to go home.
I looked over at the Island King and he looked just like I felt. He'd been steady eating hotdogs since the game started and I could tell that he needed to loosen his belt and get comfortable so it didn't take but a minute for us to gather our stuff and head for the car LOL We made it to the van, and I've never realized just how comfortable my seats are. He leaned back for a nap and I broke out the book I'd brought and read until the game was over. We could still hear the announcer loud and clear and these seats were much better LOL

Our team won the game and Island Girl and her friends were all pumped up by the time they got to the van. They talked all the way home about seeing their friends, things that happened during the game and who's dating who. I'm glad they had fun and I've decided that listening to the game from the van is a much more comfortable way to go LOL