Moaning and Groaning

Like Laura at Vitamin Sea I seem to have a serious case of writer's block these days. I'm alive and well but I've been a little depressed and a lot stressed and whenever I've sat down to post anything I come up with nothing to say. Nothing interesting anyway LOL

I suppose I could whine about how owning a real estate photography business is really a BAD thing these days. No one is buying or selling anything and with the economy like it is no one is paying to market the properties they do have listed.

Or I could complain about how my husband is job hunting but it's the off season here so no one is hiring.

I could also moan and groan about my daughter attending a school out of our district which means I have to drive her and the gas I'm burning through is killing what's left of my bank account. Even though I want her to go to this school and I know it's the best thing for her it's still rough.

But this is my happy place and I don't want to whine, complain, moan or groan here so instead of blogging I spend every minute I'm on the computer trying to round up new clients or helping my husband find a job.

And at the end of the day I can't seem to come up with anything to blog about anyway.

But the good news is that we're all healthy. We have food to eat and the power is still on and while the wolves may be circling they haven't made it inside yet.
I keep repeating that old saying "Any day you wake up on the right side of the dirt is a good day" and some days it actually helps LOL

So there you have it. Thanks for checking in on me and I hope to be back soon with something positive and interesting to say!