Much Better

I feel so much better today! Yesterday's whining seems to have really helped my mood and I know that the prayers sent my way have helped even more. Sometimes just getting something off of your chest can do wonders. I still have a major case of writer's block but at least I'm feeling better. I might even wander around with the camera for a while this afternoon and see what I can find.

Something funny happened yesterday I'd thought I'd share with you.
The Youngest Island Boy has learned to read and as we were driving across the Mid-Bay bridge to pick up Island Girl he saw a sign coming up on the side of the bridge. "I'll read that sign to you Mom" he says. As we got close enough for him to read it he reads "Do Not Pass" and then starts yelling "Mom!! The sign says Do Not Pass - you're passing the sign!" The he looked at his brother and said "If she gets stopped by the police I'm going to tell them that I read the sign to her and she passed it anyway" LOL He never did believe me when I explained what the sign meant.

Ok, I'm off to try and find some new clients and teach the Oldest Island Boy about Ben Franklin. Thanks again for all of your prayers and good thoughts!!!