Aerial Tour of Destin

About once a month or so, the Island King will have a client who wants aerial shots of a property, so he charters a helicopter and up he goes. He used to be a Flight Medic for the Univeristy of South Alabama Trauma Center and he loves being able to get back up in the air once in a while.

Friday he had another opportunity to go up and this time the property he was hired to shoot is right down the road from our house so he got some shots of our neighborhood as well.

I was sitting at my computer Friday afternoon and heard a helicopter close to our house. I wondered if that was him and then I heard "Hey Honey!" coming from a loud speaker in the sky. Yep, that must be him. The Oldest Island Boy and I ran outside and there was the Island King, hovering right over the house in a little yellow helicopter. He was waving and telling me over the loud speaker that he wanted a big nice steak for dinner LOL He hovered for a minute and then off they flew.

When he got home I asked what the pilot thought about him ordering dinner from the sky like that and he said the pilot told him that occassionally he'll have passengers holler at pretty girls on the beach but this is the first time someone has said "Let's go by my house and order dinner"

He got some pretty good shots of our neighborhood so I thought I'd give you a tour. It was a little hazy out and I haven't spent a lot of time color correcting these photos (I lack the Island King's skill with photoshop) but they'll do for my little tour.

Welcome to Destin - The World's Luckiest Fishing Village!

We're approaching from the East along Hwy 98

Looking to your right you'll see the Destin Harbor
(Don't even get me started on the horrible monstrosity at the foot of the bridge!)

The natural, deep water harbor is home to one of Florida's largest fishing fleets

To your left you'll see our favorite fishing spot and next door to that is our favorite place to eat.

Continuing East along the coast for about a mile

Brings you to my neighborhood

This public dock is at the end of our street

And sits at the entrance to Joe's Bayou

Continuing East for another mile we come to the Mid Bay Bridge

Which leads to the Island Girl's school. It feels like I cross this bridge a million times a week.

At the foot of the bridge is the Middle School - where she went last year. I miss not having to cross the bridge.

Next to the school is Legendary Marine. In October 2001, Robert Wyland painted his
88th "Whaling Wall" on the building. The whales are beautiful and the entire building is covered with them.

After the Island King flew around our neighborhood, he headed back out to the Gulf. Not far from the Pass he saw this pod of dolphin.

They flew along the coast for a while

And played daredevil by flying fast and low

I saw this picture and he tells me this house belongs to the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

On the way back to the airport they passed Seaside

Which is where the movie 'The Truman Show' was filmed. It's a neat little artist's retreat kind of place and it's always interesting to wander around out there looking at all of the shops featuring local artist's work.

So that's a tour of my litle corner of the world. It fills up with tourists every summer and snowbirds each winter but we love it anyway.

The Island King had a good flight, played fast and low over the water, made some money and was home in time for dinner.

And yes, I made him a steak LOL