Black Friday

Well it's Black Friday and I'm NOT one of the people out fighting for deals. I won't even go to the grocery store on this day. I understand that it's possible to really get some good deals out there today but I wouldn't care if they're giving stuff away. I hate to shop and the very last thing in the world that I would want to do is fight hoards of people for something I probably don't need anyway. My sister in law goes every year and she tells stories of people pushing, shoving, knocking each other down and outright fighting over stuff. Yeah, that seems like the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit - NOT. My neighbor was leaving at 4 this morning to go and camp out in front of a store in the Commons. That is INSANE!

I have my own day after Thanksgiving traditions and they involve staying home, eating leftovers all day, watching movies and relaxing. And because I stay home, my checkbook stays in the black and we have a Black Friday too. It works well for us.