Feeling A Little Crafty

´╗┐There is something about cool weather that makes me want to crochet, sew, cross stitch and create things. I like to do those things in the summer too but in the winter I'm just consumed with "What can I make".

Lately, I've been making things with camping in mind. I needed some dish cloths so I made a few the other night. I've now decided to make more and give my MIL a set for Christmas.

I've also been making caps to keep our heads warm in the woods. I made one for the Island King, one for myself and one for Island Girl. The boys are next and should have theirs by this weekend.
I asked the Oldest Island Boy to model the caps for me and he really didn't want to have his picture taken in a "girl's cap" and then put on the internet. After a little bribery and the promise to white out his face I managed to get a few pictures. At that point he even made sure I whited out his face in the cap his dad wears LOL

The Island King's cap


Island Girl's

I made the Island King a blanket

And a scarf for the Island Girl

My next project is custom made sleeping bags for each of us. I'm going to make them out of fleece and warm batting and then add velcro so we can close them like a sleeping bag or just lay them flat and use them as a regular blanket.

Ya know, a gift card from Joann's Fabrics would be a great Christmas gift for me (hint, hint, Mom) LOL