I wish Halloween lasted every night for a week instead of just one night LOL
We had so much fun last night that I didn't want it to end.

We carved more pumpkins yesterday afternoon

It just wouldn't be pumpkin carving without a drill

The Island King worked in the yard and created a scary graveyard, filled with headstones, glowing pumpkins and a surprise for anyone who stopped to look at his pumpkin masterpiece.

People would walk along looking at the pumpkins

Then they would get to the Island King's pumpkin

And while they were standing there looking at his pumpkin, he'd pull a string which dropped a scary mask right in front of their faces.

The Island King's mother and her husband came over

our friend Shawn came by and our neighbor walked over to visit for a while.

We built a fire in our fire pot, made rum drinks and spent the evening sitting around the fire, telling stories and waiting for trick or treators.

The Oldest Island Boy dressed up like Jason from the movie Friday the 13th. He's never seen the movie but he saw the mask and that's who he wanted to be

The Youngest Island Boy wanted to be Dr. Death

Island Girl is at the age where she thinks she's too old to dress up but also still wants to so she threw on a Jedi robe and went as someone from Harry Potter

The Island King was, as always, a pirate.

As soon as it got dark the neighborhood kids came by and even though they knew the Island King had been building something scary they weren't sure what so he managed to scare quite a few of them by dropping the scary mask in front of them.

After the 5 neighborhood kids came through we sat back and waited. And waited some more.

We used to have so many trick or treators that I had to buy candy by the truckload and would still run out. The past few years we've had less and less people come by and this year it was dead out. There were no lights on in the houses around us, no cars coming by, no one out walking, nothing.

There is a big haunted house down on the harbor and more and more of the churches are doing Halloween stuff so it seems that trick or treating around here is slowly being fazed out.

When we first moved into our house, at least 10 other houses on the street would have parties and there would be hoards of people wandering the circle.
I guess we're the last holdouts.

We've decided that next year we're going all out and creating a full blown haunted house and then we're handing out flyers to everyone we see in order to bring Halloween back.

We didn't see but about 10 trick or treators total but we had a really good time, sitting around the fire and visiting.