Happy Birthday Island Girl


As you can see, today is the Island Girl's 15th birthday. I never cease to be amazed when I'm around her, that the little baby I had 15 years ago has turned into this beautiful teenager. She's beautiful, funny, smart, talented, creative and a little odd - all of which make her the wonderful person she is.

And now that she's 15, she'll be getting her learner's permit this week and learning to drive. She told me this morning that she can't wait until I let her drive every time we go somewhere. I'm going to need the biggest bottle of Valium they make LOL

I realized this morning that something my father has been complaining about is now happening to me. He told me that my getting older was affecting his age and that if I kept it up, I would soon be older than him LOL This morning it dawned on me that if I continue to use my fictious age - I would only have been 11 when the Island Girl was born. And at this rate, she'll be a year older than me when she turns 27.
I may have to bump my age up a decade.

I'm headed off now to make fudge. The Island Girl doesn't like birthday cake so I make her a pan of fudge every year and we light candles and sing Happy Birthday over fudge. Not a bad way to spend an evening.