The Island Girl Drives

About a minute and a half after she turned 15 the Island Girl was ready to get her Learner's Permit.

She took the 4 hour Drug and Alcohol test online and was then able to take her driving test online. She'd been so nervous about it but of course after reading the handbook she was able to whiz right through the test.

Once her tests were taken we were off to the DMV. She took her eye test, had her picture taken and it wasn't long before we were walking out the door - her carrying a brand new shiny Learner's Permit.

And of course she immediately wanted to drive somewhere. There was a lot of traffic on the road so I took her to a big empty parking lot and she drove all over the place.

She did really well. The only trouble she has is coming to a smooth stop but that will come as she gets more comfortable.
After driving around the parking lot for an hour it was time for us to go to the grocery store. The store is just across a main road from the parking lot we were in so I let her drive through the intersection and over to the grocery store.

She was so funny, squealing and telling me how different it was to be in line at a real redlight instead of at the pretend red lights she was stopping at in the parking lot LOL

It won't be long before she's comfortable enough to drive almost everywhere and thankfully she's good at it so I won't be having a panic attack every time she gets behind the wheel.

I still can't believe she's old enough to drive. She's growing up too fast!