Junior Lifeguard Banquet

Last week was the annual Jr Lifeguard Banquet held by Destin Fire Rescue Beach Safety Patrol. The banquet is an end of season party, celebrating the work the Jr Lifeguards have done all season, and the kids really look forward to it.

Fudpuckers hosted the banquet and put out a delicious buffet. The Jr Lifeguards enjoy visiting with their friends and the parents enjoy the food LOL

The space was a little cramped so it was hard to get a lot of good pictures but I managed to get a few.

The Youngest Island Boy immediately made friends with a boy from the table next to ours and they spent the entire time eating and playing.

Miss Jamie, the Jr Lifeguard instructor, had some really good things to say about how well the kids did this summer.

The Island Girl was given an award for Outstanding Effort - which made her really happy.

She also got to spend time hanging out with her friends.

It was pouring rain outside but we were warm and cozy inside and had a really nice time.

These kids work really hard all summer and deserve all of the recognition they’re given. They are our next generation of lifeguards and I know that they will do us proud.