No Camping For Now

Well this is a bummer. Our 5 day camping trip has been cancelled. The kids are out of school next week for the Thanksgiving holiday so we were going to leave on Saturday morning, go up to our property in the woods and then camp there until Wednesday evening.

But...after months of practically no business at all, the Island King's phone has been ringing off the hook and he has so much business now that he'll be working right up until Thanksgiving morning to get it all done. And then he starts shooting again the day after Thanksgiving and is booked to shoot several properties through that weekend.

I'm bummed about having to cancel the trip but at the same time I'm incredibly relieved to have work again. There were several times in the past few months that we just weren't sure how we were going to make it through so all of this business is the answer to our prayers.

The good news is that it's REALLY cold here right now and it's always about 10 degrees colder in the north end of the county where our camp is. The projected night time temps for this weekend and the coming week are all in the upper 20s and low 30s. And they're predicting rain for the beginning of next week.

The Island King bought me a Coleman Catalytic Heater for our tent but even with the heater it would still have been really cold.

And the Oldest Island Boy has been coughing some and sounding like he might be getting sick so I don't think camping in freezing weather would have been good for him either.

We're going to go up there on Sunday and spend the day but then we'll come back home Sunday evening so the Island King can go on a photo shoot Monday morning.

So I guess it's all worked out for the best. We have lots of work, we'll be sleeping in our warm house instead of a cold tent and the Oldest can rest and get over his cold.

I mentioned to my Dad that every time I plan a trip anywhere, the phone starts ringing and suddenly the Island King has a lot of work and we can't go. My Dad laughed and suggested I plan more outings to ensure that we stay nice and busy through the holidays LOL

Something tells me that tonight when the temp drops below freezing I'll be really happy sitting in front of the fireplace in my living room instead of in front of a campfire in an open field in the woods LOL