Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pigs A Plenty

The Youngest Island Boy's class put on a show for the parents the other morning and it was SO cute. Their theme was Pigs A Plenty and Barnyard Animals.

I tried to blur the faces of all the other kids since I don't know how their parents would feel about them being plastered on my blog but my blur tool quit working after the 3rd picture so I ended up cloning a background color onto each kid's face. The result is really odd and kind of disturbing but the show was so cute I just have to share it.

They all filed in and sat down, looking really nervous

They took turns coming to the front and telling a funny story about an animal. This story was about goats

The Youngest got to be the G in the song This Little Piggy (sung to the tune of Bingo)

They took turns coming by 2s to the front to tell barnyard jokes.

"What does a cow take to Hawaii? A moo-moo"

"What do you call a pig who does karate? A pork chop"

"How do you take a pig to the hospital? In a hambulance"

They were so cute, telling their jokes.

They each stood up, said their name and then recited an animal fact. The Youngest now knows that a male hog weighs around 600 pounds.

They finished by singing several cute farm songs.

It was a fun 20 minutes and the kids were so proud of themselves. He's in a combined class that 2 teachers share and they make everything so much fun for the kids.

He told me early that morning that he had "stage frightening" and wasn't sure he could remember what he was supposed to say. After it was over he said "Whew I'm glad I did ok - I remembered my lines but I almost forgot my name" LOL
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