This And That

Hoop-da-lang, Hoop-da-lang!!

Hurricane Season has ended!

We've survived another year and now have 6 months to relax.

And on a sad note, my refrigerator has died. I noticed that it hasn't been cooling very well for the past few days but I thought maybe that was from all of the Thanksgiving food that's been in there. I turned the thermostat down but it just keeps getting warmer.
We pulled it out last night so the Island King could take a look but considering he knows nothing about appliances he doesn't have a clue how to fix it. He did see where several parts have completely rusted through and it looks like it will be expensive to fix.
The good news is that my neighbors have moved and mentioned selling us the refrigerator they left in the house. We're calling them today and hopefully will be able to buy it from them.
Mine is a huge side by side fridge/freezer and I went online to price a new one only to find out that they're shockingly expensive. I didn't find one like mine for under a $1000. That's not in my budget right here at Christmas so the smaller one from the neighbors will have to do.
I would like to have mine fixed but it's over 20 years old and I can't imagine what it will cost to fix it - or if it's even worth what it would cost. The one the neighbors have is much newer and while not as big as mine it's much nicer. And they only want $100 for it. That's much more affordable right now than $1000 for a new one.
So today's fun will be moving the old fridge out and moving the new one in. And let's hope nothing else breaks until after the holidays!