A Tower Camp Day

Even though we had to cancel our camping trip, we were able to go up and spend Sunday playing in the woods at Tower Camp. My parents met us up there and even though it's been really cold at night, the day was warm and sunny.

After our last trip up there, the Island King and I decided to create a permanent campsite in the north corner of the field, where there's grass and flat ground. We didn't really like where we'd put the tent last time and after wandering around up there we chose a different spot and are going to create an 'improved campsite'. We're going to sink poles for tarps and build a cooking table with a sink. That way when we go up there we can just throw our tarps over the poles, set up our kitchen and pitch our tent - all without having to bushwack around each time, looking for a good spot.

The Island King brought the lawn mower and mowed the area we're going to improve

While my Dad and the boys moved firewood from our old spot to the new one.

I heard my mom ask my dad why he didn't help the boys load the wood into the truck and my dad said "Because I'm the driver - the driver doesn't load the truck, he just drives" LOL

The Youngest was not happy about being told to walk across the field and get the trash can and he was muttering something to himself all the way back

He was almost back when my mom told him that he didn't have the right can. He was not happy to hear that

And then he realized this was the only trash can and she was just messing with him LOL

Island Girl hates the woods. I mean really hates them. She told me that I could take her to any beach in the world and she'd be happy but that there are bugs in the woods and she hates it there. She's convinced that I make her go with us to torture her but the truth is, we want her with us. I let her stay home sometimes but since my parents were coming with us this time I made her come too. She was not happy

This is my mom telling her to "Just smile one time"

We were sitting around the fire when the Island King spotted a Black Widow spider crawling near his foot. We don't see that many of them and the kids were fascinated with it. I was glad they got to get a good look at it so they'll know what Black Widows look like and can watch out for them.

We cooked some Brats the night before and brought them up for lunch. We warmed them over the fire and then added some onions the Island King sauteed. Very tasty.

We took a long walk through the woods

And down to the creek. The trail leading down to the creek is very steep and narrow and pretty slippery.

We all piled down to the edge of the creek and when it was time to go back up to the main trail we were standing, crowded at the edge of the creek, waiting to go up the hill. My mother went first, with my dad behind her. About halfway up the path she slipped and then couldn't get her balance. She started falling back towards all of us, saying "Uh oh, Uh oh!" My dad was trying to grab her and my first thought was that if he lost his balance they were both going to fall backwards into us and we were ALL going into the creek.
She grabbed a tree and threw herself down onto the side of the path and got her balance

Once she was steady I heard a huge sigh behind me. I looked back and the Island King and all of the kids had been watching with their breaths held and the Oldest said "Whew! I thought we were all going into the creek!" So did I!

Mom thought we were going swimming too LOL

And of course we spent some time target practicing.
The Oldest showed my mom how to shoot his BB gun

She did pretty good too!

My Dad and the Island King with the 16 Gauge

And of course they had to check out the barrel to see who was a better shot LOL

And the boys wanted a turn

We all spent some time shooting the 22. This is the easiest gun to shoot. It has a scope, making the target much easier to see, it doesn't kick and isn't very loud. The boys like the shotgun but I'll take the 22 any day.
My mom liked the 22 as well

We had such a fun day. I can't wait until we get to go back again!