Webelos Camp Out

The Oldest Island Boy and his Dad spent Saturday, Saturday night and most of Sunday at a campout for Webelos Scouts. They went to the same place we went last time but instead of all the scout families, this camp out was only for Webelos and one parent.

They left early Saturday morning, got up there and got their camp all set up in time for the Flag ceremony.

Then the Scout Master gave a short talk about camp safety, and the activities for the weekend before sending them all back to their camps.

They went to a Survivorman Class, where they learned about surviving in the woods and cooking over a campfire.

The Oldest was chosen to go up and help make a peach cobbler over the fire

He said it was the best peach cobbler he'd ever had but his Dad says it was pretty mushy stuff - sweet but mushy LOL

The boys also went to a Geology class where they learned all about native rocks.

After they finished learning all about rocks they were told to go and find a sample of four kinds of rock. The man suggested a spot nearby and before he could finish the sentence the boys had all run off. The man looked at the parents and said "I was going to say 'Or you could get some out of these buckets'" Everyone laughed and the Island King said they just let the kids find them in the woods.

The rest of the day was spent running and playing in the woods. The Island King said that the boys all grouped up and explored the woods all around the campsite. The parents sat around the fire, chatting, reading and wood carving. It wasn't like that at all when I went - they ran me to death LOL

They ate dinner in the camp mess hall

The Youngest and the Island King both agreed they had a really good time and then the Island King said the nicest thing. He said, "It just wasn't the same without you there" Which made me feel really good. And then he said "There was no one to keep the tent clean or fix us snacks and I didn't have your big butt generating heat in the sleeping bag"

And while I was staring at him, he and the Youngest cracked up and the Youngest said "You're right Dad, that's not something you should say to her"

Apparently they talked about me in the truck and when the Youngest told his Dad he was going to say that he missed me fixing him snacks and making sure his clothes were ready, his dad told him to watch my face and he'd see why you don't tell a woman why you really miss them - you just say "We missed you" LOL