Christmas Parade Float

Tonight was the night that our Boy Scout pack gathered to decorate our float for the Christmas parade, which is tomorrow.

Our pack leader works for Legendary Marine and they donated a boat for us to use. It's a 32' Regulator which is a very nice boat. It only costs about $225,000 if you're interested in picking one up LOL

We met in the whale hangar at the marina

Obviously, I know this is a big building, but it's size doesn't really hit you until you walk inside and see hundreds of big boats stacked 3 high. This place is massive!

This is the lift they use to get these boats in and out of the hangar.

On our way to the marina we passed another group of people working on a float in the West Marine parking lot. We were SO lucky we could decorate inside of the hangar because it was cold and windy out and to be spending a couple of hours in a parking lot couldn't have been fun.

We started out slow, seeing what we had to work with.

It didn't take long before we were making progress.

About an hour we later we were close to finished.

A lot of the finishing touches will be added tomorrow morning in the parking lot where the parade starts.

Just as we were finishing up, the pizza arrived. What is it about kids and pizza? Nothing makes them happier.

We cleaned up the hangar and were done by 8. The parade is in the morning and I think we're ready.

And because we're obsessed with seeing the owl, we dropped the kids off at home and went straight out to the property. We've never been out there this late, normally we've been going out there between 5 and 7 so we didn't know if he'd be there but we wanted to give it a try.

It wasn't long after we pulled in that we heard him in the woods across the road. We could tell he was a long way off but we decided to sit and wait a while, hoping he'd come back to where we were. He hooted steady for the next 20 minutes but didn't come any closer.

It's been a long day so we decided to call it a night and home we came. Hopefully we'll be able to get out there earlier tomorrow night. Kids, work, and other obligations are really starting to get in the way of our owling time LOL