Destin Christmas Parade

Saturday was the Christmas parade and it went really well. It was cold and windy but wasn't too bad after we started walking.

We all met in the staging area and added some last minute touches to the float. It wasn't long before they were ready to roll.

We were #49 in line so it was a while before we started moving. While we waited, I walked out to the road and got some shots of the floats in front of us.

The City Council

Miss Destin

Some clowns

The Grinch and a guy in a guilley suit

The 'Hug Your Pug' group

The Emerald Coast Parrothead Club

I loved this little Mini Cooper

The McGuire's Irish Pub bagpipe band

Here come the boys

Lately, I've been seeing signs for a new church that's being held at the Rave, which is our local movie theater. They had a float in the parade too.
This girl came first

Followed by these guys, signing Aerosmith's "Come Together"

They had lots of girls dressed like flower children handing out beads and the girls would say "These are Loooooove beads"
I heard the woman behind me say "Oh my God, they've got a hippie church out at the Commons!" LOL

There was a scary looking elf

This cute little car from Shakes (an ice cream place)

Some Flamingos

No parade would be complete without pirates

They say that Christmas is a magical time of the year and if I didn't believe it before - I do now. I saw something that I've never seen before - the snowbirds had a float in the parade(they've never had one before) and they actually smiled, were nice and looked like they were having fun. Wonders never cease!

Once the boys came along, I joined them for the walk.

There were tons of people lining the street for as far as I could see.

I think the people in the crowd were almost more interesting than the ones in the parade.
This little dog was dressed for the occassion

These guys were using crab nets to catch candy

Pooh and Mickey were checking things out

The people on the porch at Hog's Breath had the right idea - BBQ, Margaritas and a good view of the parade. That's where I'll be next year LOL

The parade was only a mile and a half long but we were whipped when it was over and of course we all still had to get back to our cars. Our pack leader told everyone to pile into the boat and that he'd drive us all back. Well, we climbed in but there were a LOT of us and that trailer groaned and the axle sqealed all the way back.
I think maybe we exceeded the weight limit by just a little LOL

Being in the parade was really fun and the boys loved it. All the way home they kept asking when the next parade is so it looks like we'll be doing this again.
Maybe the pirate parade during Billy Bowlegs - the Island King loves his pirate costume so I'm sure that would be interesting LOL