The Elevator Incident

Sunday night we went to the Christmas Boat Parade and we parked in the public parking garage beneath the monstrosity at the foot of the bridge. We parked on level 4 so when the parade was over we got in line to take the elevator back up to our level.

The group in front of us got in and we were standing in front of the doors, waiting for the elevator to come back down. The Oldest Island Boy was standing right in front of the button and he kept asking if he could push it. There were 2 elevators side by side and a line of people waiting and we told him no.

Well, the boy was just full of mischief, and with his eyes twinkling, he put his finger right next to the button and started saying "Can I push it now? Can I push it now?" We kept telling him not yet and he kept inching his finger towards the button, asking if he could push it.

He wasn't being bad and the Island King and I were laughing and telling him no over and over again. If we were serious and wanted him to move his finger and stop asking, a look from either of us would have ended it in a second. But we were playing and completely oblivious to the people in line behind us.

The light on the button went off and we knew the elevator would be on it's way back down so when the boy asked again, "Can I push it now?" The man behind us said "Yes! Push the button!" Everyone in line started laughing and it wasn't until then that I realized how annoying that must have been to everyone else around us. That poor man sounded so exasperated and the look on his face was priceless LOL

So the elevator opens and we get in. The man behind us gets in with his family and of course now all 3 of my kids want to push the button and a small squabble broke out. In the elevator, with the man we've already annoyed. Who now looks like he wished he'd taken the stairs. The Island King put an immediate stop to the fight by reaching over and pushing the buttons himself. The other family got out on the next level and the doors closed.

And as soon as they closed, I lost it. I was laughing so hard that I could barely stand up and rather loudly, I imitated the man saying "Push the button!"
Just as I said that the back door of the elevator opens and two women are standing there and of course as the doors open they hear me yelling "Push the button!"

Immediately they both took a step back and one of them said that they'd take the next elevator. That just did me in. The doors closed and I started laughing hysterically. I mean, crouched down in the corner, holding my sides kind of laughing.

And then the doors opened again and the same two women were still standing there. And I couldn't stop laughing - or stand up. The Island King tells the women to come on in, that we're going up, and it looks like they are too. But they see me, laughing like a crazy woman in the corner, and the kids all fighting over the buttons, and both of them started shaking their heads no and then one of them said "We're going to take the stairs"
She grabbed her friend's arm and they literally bolted away from the elevator.

The doors closed again and all 5 of us fell out. The Island Girl is saying that those women did NOT want to get on the elevator with this family and everyone else kept saying "Push the button!" and we laughed all the way to the car.

I can dress them up but I can't take them out LOL