The Night Shoot Property

Right before Thanksgiving, I told you about a night shoot the Island King was scheduled to do of a new property that's being developed. Well, one thing has led to another on this project and the property wasn't ready to shoot then, so he's doing it now.

There's a history behind this property which deserves a post all it's own so I'm saving that story for another day.

For today I just want to show you around.

And tomorrow I'll tell you about the owl.

This is an aerial view of the property from a shoot the Island King did a few weeks ago.

This is a beautiful piece of land, a point, between Choctawhatchee Bay and Indian Bayou.

The developer has created 14 homesites. The property is in the beginning stages of development so all that's been created right now is the entrance

and one circular road surrounding a small oak hammock.

They've built a gazebo in the center as a focal point.

They have an outstanding view of the Bay and the Mid Bay bridge.

The property has huge, beautiful, old oak and pine trees.

Oh, and there's this

That's right. A mausoleum. Right there in this fancy new development.

That would be where the people who originally owned this point are buried.

I don't think they're very happy about what's happening to their piece of paradise.

There's also an owl who calls this property home. A big owl. I'll tell you about him tomorrow. I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot about the owl in the next few days LOL