Visiting With Santa

We took the boys to see Santa tonight and lucky for us, Santa was in the most magical place on earth - Bass Pro Shop.

I really love that store.

They have a Winter Wonderland set up in the back of the store

With a shooting range, tables set up for coloring,

Hot nuts being roasted and cotton candy being made,

And a beautiful little train running.

They visited with Santa

And then the Youngest showed me what he told Santa he wants this year.

His arm isn't really injured. He was doing handstands in the yard before we left and bent his wrist backwards. He cried and I know it hurt so we put some ice on it. His brother told him that Santa might feel sorry for him since he was hurt and bring him more presents. After some whispering between themselves it was decided that the Youngest hurt SO bad that he had to have a splint and a sling. He cried some more and told us that he HAD to see Santa tonight but that moving his arm might make it worse and a splint and a sling were medically necessary. He presented such a good argument that we didn't have the heart to tell him no and the Island King made him a splint out of cardboard and a sling from an old t-shirt. Which he wore proudly. And discarded as soon as we got home.

Before we left we spent some time watching the fish in the giant fish tank.

They like watching us too, I think.

And no trip to Bass Pro Shop would be complete without the boys sticking their heads in the shark's mouth and yelling "Take our picture now Dad!"

Now this is the way to visit Santa!